Sex as Mindfulness

For a number of years now mindfulness, mediation based on concentrating on breathing, has been all the rage. There are books, apps, seminars and endless other ways to spend your money on it, but I have found that sex is a beautiful way to practice mindfulness.

Sucking cock well requires that you focus your attention, not only on the cock in your mouth, but your breathing, lips, tongue, mouth and throat. You have to experiment. Do they respond to their cockhead being worked? Do they like their cock deep in your throat? What happens to the hardness of the cock when you go slow? When you go fast? Are their balls retracting up?

Really getting to know a man’s cock requires that you focus your complete attention on it and the relationship of it to your mouth.

The same goes for getting fucked up the ass. It is a bad bottom who lies their lifelessly.  I enjoy a top takes control and tells you/puts you in the positions they like, but you still have to focus on when to tighten and when to loosen you ass muscles, when and how to move your ass. How is his cock responding to what he is doing? What you are doing?

Apart from the physical sensations of pleasure and the power of the orgasms, there is something about the focus required for good sex that makes it the slutty cousin of mindfulness.

One thought on “Sex as Mindfulness

  1. Yes! In gay tantra we pay mindful attention to every sensual activity we share with our partners, and ourselves in order to increase the connection and pleasure. Tantra is about transcending and connecting. It is as intimate as sex can get. Great post!


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