Public Sex: On to the Beach

Nighttime is the time to head into a darkened woods for some anonymous, man-on-man sex. A hot summer day; however, is the time to head to the beach for some cocksucking by the sea.

On the north shore of Prince Edward Island, is a spectacular stretch of beach called Blooming Point. Since at least the 1950s, it has had a reputation as a nudist beach, and a beach for perverts.  When you first enter through the dunes, it is a regular, clothed beach, but walk to the right for about 10 minutes and you begin to see naked straight couples. Keeping going for another 15 minutes you will notice single men, and the occasional same-sex couple, lounging nude.  You have entered the gay sector.

Having come to the beach as a closeted gay teenager, I was both attracted and terrified. Finally, in 1980, at the age of 19, I worked up the courage to go alone. I found a spot in the dunes, stripped off and lay on my stomach, the sun warming my back and ass. Soon I saw a man in his twenties walking down the beach, nude, his toned body completely, uniformly tanned.  His cock already fully erect. He climbed to the top of the highest dune so that everyone on the beach could see him, squeezed some oil onto his magnificent cock and began slowly masturbating.  My cock grew hard against my stomach, pressed between the towel warmed by the sand. Suddenly, to my surprise, I came. I had been ever so slightly grinding my hips as I watched the beach god jerk off and this was more than enough to cause my young, hard cock to shoot. This was my first, and only, spontaneous, voyeuristic orgasm.

In the intervening years, I have been back to Blooming Point many times, sometimes clothed and with friends, sometimes alone naked and on the hunt, sometimes with another gay man to caress each other naked under then sun and then cool off together in the saltwater. Rinse and repeat.

For several years in the late-80s, me and my boyfriend at the time would regularly to go the beach, find a secluded spot in the dunes and he would fuck me.

The brightness and the breeze, the infinite openness of sea, all give sex on the beach its special, liberating quality. I love sucking a cock out in the open on the sand. I love when others watch and, sometimes join in. I love watching the naked men of all sizes and ages parade and then disappear into the dunes.

And since Blooming Point is so beautiful, the sex really is a bonus. Even if there is no action, I love walking for hours, nude and alone with the sun, sea and sand.  I feel completely free.


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