The message came through on Scruff just as I stepped out of Berri Metro.

“Yes, but I am not home.”

“you travel?”

“where are you?”

He sent his location and I could see that he was two stops back in the direction I had just come from. Lunch could wait.

“You are close. I could be there in 15 minutes.”

“you got condoms lube?…your ass clean?”


The exchange continued on the metro.

“when you come in never look me in the eyes. you get naked from head to toe. and say hi master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good bot
you like to get fucked hard?”

“Yes, Master.”

“good boy”

“what’s your real name?”


“im going to call you bitch…and white trash…good?”

I had looked at his profile and seen that he was very handsome, describing himself as middle eastern, 23 years old, guy next door.

“Yes, Master.”

“and cracker…good boy…is your hole tight?”

“Yes, Master.”

By now I was at his place. He buzzed me up. I entered and did as instructed, said hi master, and got naked, putting the condoms and lube on the table. Ambient electronic music and the smell of weed was thick in the apartment.


He pulled his sweat pants down and his fully hard cock sprang out. He handed me a condom.

“Put this on me.”

I made a motion to suck his cock while I unwrapped the condom.

“Don’t suck it.” 

I rolled the condom down to the base of his beautiful arc of a cock.

“Bend over the table. I am going to fuck you now. Fuck your white trash ass.”

And he did. Entering fully in a firm stoke. Thrusting.

“This is how I fuck white trash cracker ass. Do you like it? Do you like having your white trash cracker ass fucked, bitch?”

“Yes, Master.”

He came, pulled out, pulled the full condom of his cock.

“That’s it. Get out.”

I got dressed, left and headed for lunch at La Mie Matinale Café in the Village. On the way, I phoned a longtime friend and told him what had just happened.

“White Trash Cracker. The acronym would be WTC, that would make you the same as World Trade Center,” he said.

“And he would be the White Trash Fucker, WTF.”

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at La Mie Matinale, drinking coffee, reading Tomson Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen and eavesdropping on a conversation between two male hustlers/masseurs and an elderly gentleman in a suit and bowtie whose fingers were dripping in silver rings.

“you enjoyed todays fuck?”

It is 8 pm on the same day.

“Yes, Master.”

“live alone?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I fuck u
wait ten minutes
fuck u more good?”

“Yes, Master.”

while we wait
u clean the house do something dont look at me or talk to me unless I tell you

“Yes, Master.”

“prepare lube and condoms and clean ass well
there in five”

I buzzed him up.

“Kneel. Don’t look at me.”

He got undressed. His beautiful cock fully hard again.

“This time you suck my cock first. Then put the condom on.”

I did as told.

“Get on the bed with your white trash ass sticking up.”

He fucked me roughly again.

“Your white cracker as is mine, bitch”

He came, pulled off the full condom, handed it to me and left. The second more good fuck didn’t happen.

Maybe another day…but I doubt it.






















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