Standards are the death of fun

As I contemplated setting off on my online bottom-slut adventure, I decided to have as few restrictions as possible, while sticking to some realities about myself. I knew that I would be exclusively bottom, but I do not see that as a negative, just a fact.

When pressed as to what I don’t like, I eventually landed on the following response: “No shit, no piss, no blood. Nothing that leaves a permanent mark.”

I felt this left a wide terrain for sexual adventure open, even as it closed off the fairly popular activity of watersports. Piss play does not gross me out, it just does not in any way excite or interest me and, therefore, I should just not engage in it, as my lack of enthusiasm would definitely be sensed by any partner.

As for scat, that is a true specialty item that appeals only to a small, but devoted, subset. Having said that, I did entertain a long online discussion with one young man who wanted me to stick a chocolate bar up my ass and then have me squeeze it out, so that he could eat it as it emerged, pseudo-scat, if you will. I expressed some hesitation about the chocolate bar getting stuck up in there, but he assured me he had experimented successfully on his own. He expressed a preference for a Snickers bar, because peanuts. Out of curiosity, I agreed to a meet and squeeze, as it were, but he never followed up. I suspect the discussion of it was more than stimulating enough for him.

As for the other things that a lot of men seem to get hung up on: cut/uncut, cock size, age, weight, etc. These struck me as irrelevant.

I especially have no time for those who dismiss people due to their ethnic or racial background. In fact, being gay and sexually open provides the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know men whom you would otherwise never have an opportunity to do so.  Similarly, I do not care about self-identification: gay/bi/straight, or relationship status: single, in a relationship, married.

HIV-status is a topic for its own later post.

As always, it comes down to the individual, once a sexual rapport was established, I found myself doing all sorts of things I never imagined myself doing, especially along the BDSM spectrum.

But isn’t that what adventure is all about.

And going in with too many restrictions would have cut me off from many pleasures, for example, realizing that riding a hefty, big-bellied man’s cock is especially stimulating because your cock rubs against his big belly as you rock your hips. Who knew?!



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