Cocksucking: The Gay Handshake

When I worked at Capital Xtra in Ottawa in the 90s, the newspaper ran personal ads for male hustlers. At one point the newspaper printed a profile article of one the hustlers. It turned out that he was straight and married and that hustling was a side job for extra cash.

When asked what he thought of the actual sex with men, he gave a longer answer, but the line I remember is: “Besides, some of those old queens really know how to suck cock.”

Now, I am one of those old queens.

When my blowjob skills are praised, I usually respond that if you have been sucking cock for 4 decades and you don’t know how to do it well by then, you should probably give up.  

And, like most things, if you are going to be good at it, you really have to love it.

If someone is interested in upping their blowjob game, one piece of advice I do give is watch homemade porn videos, not professional ones, but homemade porn, real cocks being sucked by real cocksuckers. Check out different styles—long and slow, furious face fucking, deep throating, or on your back with your head over the side of the bed.

Pay attention to the use, or not, of hands. Personally, I am not a fan of the handjob-blowjob hybrid. I tend not to use much hand action and, if I do, I will form two lobster claws, spit on finger tips, and then use just the fingertips to rub up and down both sides of the shaft simultaneously as I work the head with my tongue and lips.  No pumping the shaft with a hammer locked first for this cocksucker.

Which brings us to my biggest challenge as a cocksucker. I have no lips. The Irish may have many fine points (They do, don’t they?), but they are a lipless lot, and my genetic heritage has doomed me.

However, what I lack in lips I make up for in having a very large and strong tongue for working the shaft and head.

I like all types of cocks and all styles of cocksucking. I like growers that seem to get ever bigger and ever harder as you work on them. I love guys who lay back for a long, slow blowjob. I like furious face and throatfuckers, guys who use my mouth and throat as their real-live flesh jack.

I love being called a cocksucker while I am sucking cock. Obvious, but hot.

I love my regulars. To really get to know a man’s cock, you need time and repeated encounters.

And I am no size queen. I take each cock on its own merit. Average or small cocks, can be delightfully responsive, some are big cummers and/or multiple cummers. One regular, gives his biggest load on the second orgasm. One (sadly former) regular with an average cock would come repeatedly as long as I kept sucking. The record was four loads over a session that lasted over an hour.

It is truly a wonderful world of cocks out there. So, explore it fully and spread the joy. And, young cocksuckers, one day you too will be one of those old queens who really knows how to suck a cock.


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