A Voice in Praise of the Passive Position

“Generally, use transitive verbs, that strike their object; and use them in the active voice, eschewing the stationary passive, with its little auxiliary its’s and was’s, and its participles getting into the light of your adjectives, which should be few. For, as a rough law, by his use of the straight verb and by his economy of adjectives you can tell a man’s style, if it be masculine or neuter, writing or ‘composition’.” –Arthur Quiller-Couch, 1916

Admonishments against using the passive voice have become part of the canon on how to write well. Orwell, Strunk, and even Stephen King, have all railed against the passive voice, often, as in the quote above, equating it to non-masculine and, therefore, substandard writing.

But I love the passive voice as much as I love the passive sexual position. The passive voice can be used to highlight the hole getting fucked, and either obscure or spotlight the hole fucker.

Holeopener is one of my favourite total tops. He is all about using my ass and mouth for his pleasure. A visit from Holeopener guarantees my holes will have been well used, opened wide, filled with cum.  

Bent over, kneeling, my face pushed into the mattress, my ass in the air, he orders me.

“Push! Push!”  My asshole puckers out.

My hole is teased by the tip of his hard prick. “Push harder!”

When he is satisfied that my ass has been pushed out enough. He strikes, in a solid, even stroke, he forces his cock in, balls deep. The muscles of my sphincter contract automatically. His cock is gripped hard. He thrusts. Then pulls out. The orders are repeated: push, enter, contract, thrust, edging ever closer, until a final frenzy and my ass is filled with cum.

Top, bottom, active, passive, all mixed, and how can we even talk about feminine and masculine when it is same-sex sex, even though I know in Holeopener’s case, as a straight-identified married man, it is important for him be seen as masculine. Me, I don’t care if I am objectified as feminine because I get fucked. I get fucked hard, deep and often. [Notice how the passive voice has made the “active” top completely disappear.]

From the beginning of my online bottom-slut adventure, I forthrightly identified as a cocksucker and a bottom. No “Rather not say” or “Versa-bottom” of “Versatile” for me, thank you very much.

I live in Montreal where the majority of people are French-speakers. My friends and I joke that “Versatile” is just French for “Bottom.” But it is only a joke, as there are many very real sexually versatile men out there. We will talk about some of them in other blogs.

Meanwhile, the title of passive, sexually bottom, and the use of the passive voice in writing will all continue to be proudly championed by me. (Notice how the passive voice has given me, the passive bottom, pride of place at the end of that sentence.)


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