Old Men, Young Men

I have always been attracted to men older than me. In my twenties my “ideal” man was in his thirties and, as I aged, that “ideal” age slid up, but I was in my late-forties when I began my online bottom-slut adventure and from the beginning I was approached by young men, sometimes very young men, who wanted to get together.

At first, I set a “no younger than 30” policy and stuck to it. Until one night, during a wide-ranging discussion after some great sex, a man in his forties said that he did not pursue young men, but if they approached him that meant they were obviously attracted and interested in older men. So I adopted a new rule, I would not make the first move on anyone younger than 30 but, if they made the opening gesture, I would at least entertain the possibility.

Very quickly I was having a lot of sex with men who were a lot younger than me, extremely hot men in their twenties. I was having more sex with hot men in their twenties than I did when I was in my twenties.

I began to wonder why they sought me out. Eventually, I landed on the same reason that I enjoy sex with mature, middle-aged men—experience. A middle-aged, gay-identified man who is at ease with man-on-man sex can draw on a lifetime of practice. I have been amazed at the sexual vigour some men in their 50s and 60s display

Introducing an eager and open young man to new things provides its own unique pleasures.

One guy had already been to see me several times. He was a self-identified top, but once when I was giving him head I decided it was time to introduce him to his own prostate (he having showered mine with attention). So I rimmed him, lubed his ass up with spit, and slid in one-finger, then two, while sucking him off. I could feel his prostate harden in unison with his cock as he approached orgasm. When he came, I stopped working his cock with my mouth, deepthroated him and massaged his rock hard prostate. He nearly passed out and then raved about the incredible body orgasm he had had.  

You’re welcome.

Then there was another absolutely gorgeous young man, with the kind of gym-toned body that floods the streets at gay pride. I sucked him to orgasm. The he fucked me bareback and loaded my ass with cum (“Do you want to keep that in there?” “Absolutely.””Good man.”) The buttfucking was followed by a second blowjob/third orgasm. Finally, satiated, he wondered outloud, “Where have you been all my life? I want you as my personal cocksucker.”

Words to warm a bottom-slut’s heart.

I always enjoy a post-coital conversation, with those who are into, but many are not. Listening to young men talk about their first gay experience, first broken heart, family problems, dreams, frustrations with dating, and fears of loneliness, I realize how lucky I was to come out in the 80s when a generation of men before me had already constructed a network of community groups. These groups strengthened and changed with the advent of AIDs, and I was involved in the angry protests of the late-80s and nineties.

It became clear that most young, gay men do not have this experience of community. Most do not see its importance. Many have completely bought the lie that we are just like straight people, except for the sex.

Except for the sex. And it will remain just sex, as long as it is not recognized as the necessary first step, rather than the final goal.  This is what I tell them, if I think they are ready to listen.

Meanwhile, this old dog hopes to continue to learn new tricks from men—old and young—and share them freely. I remember reading that for men in general, many undergo a heightening of sexual drive going into their 50s, followed by a tapering off again. Personally that heightening of sexual drive has been my experience.

I wonder when the tapering off will occur?  

EM Forster, the author of one of the earliest gay-themed novels, Maurice, is reported to have said that when he was young he looked forward to old age as a time when he might finally be freed from thoughts of sex, but now that he was approaching 80, those thoughts showed no sign of abating.


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