Masked Men

Late one night on Growlr I was messaged separately by two guys who said they had been chatting and they wanted to know if I could host a threesome. As they were both young, hung tops, and I was feeling energetic, I said yes.

After some logistical negotiations, they showed up at my door together. One of them was masked, bankrobber style, but I didn’t hesitate for a second.

We quickly got into it, assuming the various combinations possible with one bottom, one total top, and one versatile top. The guy in the mask came first. He then dressed and took off. The other guy and I continued until we were both satisfied.

“Who was your masked friend?”

“I don’t know. We met online tonight for the first time.”

I continued to see both guys occasionally over the next couple of years. The unmasked man had told me his name and we had exchanged numbers. The masked man never told me his name and always arrived masked, stripped naked except for the mask and then dressed and left masked.

I sometimes wondered if the insistence on being masked might be for reasons more than a simple desire for anonymity. Was he hideously deformed under there? The rest of his body was certainly in fine shape.  I also amused myself with imagining the neighbours calling the police when they saw a masked man entering or exiting my house, but that never happened. Good thing?

There have been other masked encounters, but usually the mask is donned only for the actual sex. And I have noticed that the insistence on anonymity, masked or barefaced, seems to be more prevalent among those who identify as Bi/Bi-Married or Straight on their profiles.

A guy who identified as Straight messaged me on Squirt one evening. He was looking for a blowjob.

“Do you have any old Halloween masks, monster masks with a mouth hole?”

I responded honestly that I did not.

“I really want a blowjob, but I am straight. If you wear a monster mask, it will be a monster sucking my cock, not a man.”

I suggested that since he had such a specialized demand, he might want to consider providing the monster mask.

And that as the end of that.


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