A Blue Pill A Day

A blue pill a day helps keep the HIV away. Or so the story goes.

I am old enough to remember gay sex without condoms. My first gay sexual experience was in 1980 with a man who became my boyfriend for 5 years, a man who loved sex, was good at sex and was completely out of the closet. Only in hindsight did I see how triply fortunate I was.

Within a few years of me becoming a sexually active gay man, news of a mysterious disease afflicting gay men began to circulate. By the time I left Montreal to spend a year in the Yukon, the panic was beginning to set in. While in Whitehorse in 1985, I got news that a friend had died of AIDS. You always remember your first. Unfortunately, he would be far from the last friend to die from AIDS.

In 1988, I moved to Ottawa with my boyfriend I had met on Prince Edward Island the year before. We would stay together for 13 years in a condom-free, mainly monogamous relationship, monogamish, as Dan Savage would say. But this relationship ended in 2000 and condom-free anal sex would be off the menu  for the next 17 years.

Returning from a 6-year stay in China (and that is a story for another time and place), I made the decision to dive wholeheartedly into the exciting life of an online bottom-slut.  So in 2009, at the age 48, I started widely and freely offering my mouth and ass on apps and websites, with a yes-I-swallow, but absolutely nonnegotiable rule requiring condoms for buttfucking. The many hot, intriguing and rewarding relationships – lasting from 15-minutes to many years – that formed as a result of my sluttiness will form the basis of this blog.

Then we got word of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), or to use the brand name Truvada. A daily pill for HIV-negative people that proved to be over 90% effective in protecting against HIV. I was intrigued but wary. I waited a couple of years and finally raised the possibility with my doctor in June 2016, but waited until February 2017 to start taking it, after the required testing, screening and counselling.

The recommendation is to use PrEP/Truvada together with a condom for anal sex as it is still not 100% effective and PrEP/Truvada does nothing to limit the spread of Chlamydia, Gonnorhea, Syphillis or Hepatitis. But I always intended to introduce barebacking back into my sexual repertoire. The final barrier was psychological. After so many years of condom, condom, condom, and so many friends infected and dead because of HIV, this was no small barrier.

One night, after I’d been taking the blue pill everyday for about 3 weeks, a beautiful, young man in his 30s with a beautiful, rock-hard cock came over. I explained that I was on PrEP/Truvada and that the choice of condom or not would be his to make. During the course of events, he made it, slipped his beautiful, rock-hard cock into my ass and filled it with his cum.  It all flowed so beautifully and naturally.

Unlike some, I do not have a bareback-only policy. I still leave the choice up to the top and I enjoy all my sexual encounters, but the reintroduction of bareback has returned my sex life to state that I feared  was gone for forever.

This blog will have more to say about my personal experience PrEP/Truvada. For those who want just the facts, ma’am, you can checkout this link http://www.catie.ca/en/fact-sheets/prevention/pre-exposure-prophylaxis-prep


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